It isn't authenticated on any record, but it is very likely that on November 25 1981, Diego Morales was born already humming a song. It wouldn't come as a surprise since Diego, hailing from the Peruvian city of Tacna, feels more at ease expressing himself with music than with words. However, even a music freak like Diego, whose playful yet melodic tunes tell stories to the audience, did not play an instrument straightaway. Three years of violin classes during primary school – in addition to the background influence of Bolivian folklore – made himself familiar with the theoretical basics before he changed first to the classic and then to the electric guitar. From that moment on the way Diego learned was above all by listening and replaying old songs. Be it Pink Floyd, Santana, James Brown or even the Beatles, Diego was keen on experimenting and used the rich source of the sixties to the early eighties: Rock, Jazz, Funk, etc.

So it was nothing but consequent for Diego to take up composing his own instrumentals and recording them with then limited means. These times in the "home recording studio" are gone, though, and Diego has been improving his equipment steadily, for he strives for perfection. He became more experienced in recording and producing, among other things, due to the education at the now past ACM in Zurich and at the Swiss Audio Engineering School (TTS). Diego put these enhanced skills into practice during his internship as a live musician at the Symphonic Recording Studio in Etzgen (canton of Argovia) or by working as a producer of the R'n'B and pop music project with the Turkish female singer Meltem. Furthermore he excelled as a guitarist in different bands whose wide array of music styles (funk, blues, reggae) only underscore his eclectic orientation. The stage performance rather does justice to Diego's musical concept: in the end he prefers playing his songs in front of an audience instead of merely fiddling about with them at the studio.

Now it is time for Diego to shine in his own right. He focused on his own creations, finished old pieces of music – and the result of his work has a name: "getaway". On this album the listener soaks up Diego's dreamful music and gets to know his feelings. No contradiction: for Diego, his music is a reflection of his soul.